Supply Chains - Thousands Of Jobs To Be Found, Are You The Missing Link?

At Step Staffing & Recruiting, we hear from many of our clients that staffing their current positions in supply chain operations is their number one concern.  Did you know, as of 2012 there were 804,000 Canadians employed in some area of supply chain occupations?  Current statistics show Canada has almost 27,000 vacant supply chain positions, and it is only going to grow.  It is anticipated there will be an additional 66,000 new and vacant supply chain positions per year for the next five years. This equals a total of approximately 357,000 new supply chain positions across Canada alone!  That’s going to take a lot of your time!


Here at home in Alberta, we have, “91,944 Albertans specifically dedicated in the workforce attached to supply chain occupations with an anticipated increase over the next few years of 50,000 job openings.”  So what do these people do, you may ask?  There in itself is a question; do you know the answer? According to The Accelerator Project, “Current position titles can range from management positions, purchasing, customs, shipping and brokerage, logistics, information systems analysis, and long­haul truck drivers.”  Many people who work with corporations don’t even know what their supply chain pro’s do, so is it really any wonder as to why we are falling short of this skill set in the labour market?  One reason why these numbers are so high is because supply chain positions are part of a large gang.  Do you need help?  Yes, you do, because the battle is on for one of the country’s most sought after resources, including skilled labour in the supply chain profession.

Did you know, your next pro­active step in finding a solution to this shortage is right here at home in Calgary?  When making your vendor selection and purchasing decision around supplying staff to projects, you can count on the professionals at Step Staffing and Recruiting.  With so much on the line, isn’t it worth it to utilize this resource and think outside the box?  One of the supply chain professionals I converse with, Sharlene McMorland, who is the Corporate Expeditor for Tesla Exploration Ltd, often says, “It is a hard sell getting others to try something different.  Many in the industry believe in doing the same things, the same way, because that is how it has always been.  Be it with people, resources, or products, the capability to detour around your obstacles makes the destination well worth the initial risk and will make you a top performer.”
It is our business at Step to offer creative solutions and out of the box thinking to find the right individuals to meet the growing demands of your company. We have established a second to none work ethic along with the knowledge and experience to work with your team, such as Project Managers, Supervisors, and HR Personnel to bring on your contractor workforce or recruit for the position you need filled.  You may find it odd or were unaware, but did you know our Contractor Management (CM) team is also part of “Supply Chain”?  This area is considered to be a Supply Chain link to our client corporations who are in need of one of our economies largest demands: skilled people.  So, let’s get to know how we work to support you.  The CM team is comprised of HR professionals who help your corporation manage your contractor division. The team ensures all legal documents, such as employment contracts for each contractor or sign offs on corporate policies and procedures, have the required certifications and have met the safety standards required by law and the companies are completed and maintained.  

Keeping track of all the contractor costs on each project is cumbersome, and ensuring they are paid on time can be a chore and can drown you in additional tasks and stress on your time.   Our Contractor Management Division alleviates all these stresses and is your life vest.  In fact, like other supply chain roles in the link, our skill sets may look familiar to those job characteristics and skills sought after in supply chain roles.  For example, Step is able to work with your team to forecast staffing needs.  We have a vast knowledge of the laws and regulations, international business practices, and provide fair pricing to meet your financial plans and budgets surrounding your contractor workforce.  We go the extra Step to provide our clients with workflow optimization by ensuring we actively listen then meet or exceed what you asked for using proper, secure, and reliable on­ boarding and off­boarding of your in­house and field operation contractors.  We pride ourselves by taking the time to Step in and work with your field operations supervisors and contractors by offering onsite visits to provide opportunities for field contractors to communicate efficiently and effectively with the Step Contractor Management team. Our contractors have told us, because we have experienced and understand fieldwork, this in itself provides a link potential field contractors value.  We can answer the questions your new contractors didn’t even know to ask, which saves your corporation time and money with less turnover and higher contractor satisfaction.

Let’s not forget the elephant in the room.  How do you provide your contractors with an environment where they still feel part of a team?  In many cases, the contractor workforce in companies is not part of the various social functions and miss out on the corporate benefits plans.  At Step, we can help. We have listened and heard from our contractors, and they feel like they have a sense of belonging and connecting to a work environment with our team. We are happy to work with your contractors and supervisory team also on the day to day inquires that occur, such as HR questions and payroll queries.  Delivering answers, support, and solutions is what we do best and is the right Step for your business during this demanding time.  We’ve “Stepped Up” and raised the bar in staffing by being dedicated to exceeding our clients staffing resource needs.  We work with highly efficient HRIS systems and have an energetic staff whose experience and credentials provide a worry free experience.  We provide a consistent and reliable support to contractors and clients.  The Step team looks forward to providing you with the help you need in securing a viable workforce your business can rely on to keep operations functioning.

To learn more about how you can partner with Step Staffing for your staffing and contractor management needs, phone 403-523-9933.

Written by Connie Cook, Contractor Management Division Lead, Step Staffing & Recruiting.